Vision Statement

Aryavart’s vision is to achieve growth and attain industry leadership through a process of continuous technological improvement by constantly innovating and introducing value added products as well as by aiming at providing cost effective solutions based on customer requirements. The name “Aryavart” in Sanskrit signifies the land of the Aryans who are people who have complete unity of thought word and deed. Aryavart hence intends to be and has built up a reputation as a company which always delivers on its promises.


Aryavart Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., was established in 1974 at Panvel near Mumbai by a group of technocrats. Manufacturing activities started with an Anti Skinning Agent with total indigenous raw materials and later on Paint Driers were added up. Excellent customer support prompted requirement to increase capacity and forced Aryavart to shift its manufacturing facilities to the Taloja Industrial Estate in 1978. By now, Aryavart’s drier range covered all the relevant metals in Octoates & Naphthanates.

Continued customer support further prompted Aryavart to continuously expand its facilities to the current level which has culminated in Aryavart setting up a hi-tech plant to manufacture 12000 MT per annum of Paint Driers at Jalgaon. This plant is fully automatic & operations are controlled by PLC’s and computers. International trade magazines have taken note of this plant.

In 1985, Aryavart diversified into the new business of PVC stabilizers with the launch of its INSTABEX® range of liquid stabilizers. Aryavart launched INSTABEX® IC, a Lead Stabilizer in liquid form for the first time in India. Since then Aryavart has worked continuously at expanding and improving its product range so that today Aryavart’s products cover the full range of mixed metals like Ba-Cd, Ba-Cd-Zn, Cd-Zn, Ba-Pb, K-Zn. In 2010 Aryavart launched its own range of Non Toxic Stabilizers based on Ba-Zn, and Ca-Zn.

In 1993, Aryavart entered into the manufacture of Lead based Powder Stabilizers by setting up an ultra modern plant at Jalgaon in Maharashtra. To have better control on quality, an in-house Litharge plant was also set up. To increase its range of value added products, Aryavart started working on One-Pack Stabilizers for PVC Pipes. After studying the Customers requirements carefully, INSTABEX C-3, the first commercially successful One Pack in India was launched in 1994/95. From that day onwards, Aryavart had always expanded their range of One Packs. Aryavart’s INSTABEX C-2 is currently the number 1 brand in One Packs for Pipes in India. Keeping pace with international developments, Aryavart promptly introduced Stab-Lube One packs such as INSTABEX C333, INSTABEX C-900 and INSTABEX C-954 which are benchmarked against international products.

In 1997, Aryavart became the first Drier & liquid PVC Stabilizer manufacturing unit in India to obtain ISO 9002. Aryavart’s commitment to excellent customer service as well moving to a JIT system with our customers has prompted Aryavart to aggressively expand its dealer network in India to ensure ready availability of material for customers at any time. Aryavart has also made its presence felt in the international market and has been awarded the prestigious status of Star Export House. Time and again Aryavart has reiterated its commitment to excellent service, competitive prices and up to date technology.

Manufacturing Facilities

Aryavart has 2 state-of-art manufacturing facilities at the following sites

Jalgaon Unit 2

This is the latest unit in the Aryavart which is used as a base for manufacture of all Metal Carboxylates and supplied to industries like

  • Coatings
  • Foundries
  • FRP
  • Water & Fabric treatment
  • Lube Additives

This is a state of the art of the plant which is completely automated and controlled by PLC’s from the point the raw materials reach the factory till they are packed and dispatched to the customers.

Jalgaon Unit 3

This is a very modern facility started in 1993 for the manufacture of Powder PVC Stabilizers to service industries such as

  • Rigid Pipes
  • Flexible suction hoses
  • Cables
  • Shoes
  • Profiles

Future Plans(Mission)

Aryavart has shown continuous commitment to excellent service, competitive prices and up to date technology and this commitment and constant investment has resulted in Aryavart being one of the cheapest cost manufacturers of these products in the world.

In addition to this further diversification efforts are on and Aryavart is on the verge of launching products for Paper & petrochemical industry. Aryavart is also looking to expand its world wide marketing network and wishes to sell its products in all the major markets of the world.

All this has placed Aryavart poised on the verge of a high growth rate.