Aryavart Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. Aryavart Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. offers a complete range of Paint Driers developed specially for use as Driers in Paints and Varnishes. These are Metallic salts of synthetic carboxylic acid, and are characterised by controlled metal concentration, compatability with the paint media and are subject to rigid quality control tests. Salts of napthenic acid used as driers have excellent solubility and stability and they are offered as solutions in mineral turpentine at definite metal concentrations. Octoates/ Iso Octoates are metallic salt solutions of synthetic carboxylic acid which have a definite composition and are of the lightest colour. They compare in drying performance to naphthenates but have a lighter colour, lower viscosity and less odour and have a precise composition.

To manufacture these products Aryavart have set up a hi-tech plant to manufacture 12000 MT per annum of Paint Driers at Jalgaon. This plant is fully automatic & operations are controlled by PLC’s and computers. International trade magazines have taken note of this plant.

Cobalt Driers
  • Cobalt is the most active drier or top drier because it activates drying of the film by oxidation. For good thorough drying, cobalt is used in combination with Lead/Zirconium. It is also used in Printing inks & varnishes as a drier. Cobalt Octoate is also used as accelerator in polymerization of unsaturated polyester resins. Cobalt is available as solution in MTO in various concentrations.
  • Most active metal drier
  • Superb Surface drier / Inferior through dry
  • Excess cobalt causes wrinkling or curling
Calcium Driers
  • Calcium is an auxiliary drier. Alone it does not help drying, but in combination with Cobalt or Manganese, Calcium can replace Lead, particularly in baking finishes. Calcium is also used to stabilize Lead in water sensitive finishes or in such finishes where free acid is present e.g. alkyds of high acid value. The normal usage level of Calcium varies from 0.02 to 0.2% of the metal. Calcium is available as solution in MTO in various concentrations. Most important
  • Auxiliary Drier as a replacement in a Lead free system
  • Stabilizes Lead solubility & Improves gloss
  • Good Performance in varied settings
Lead Driers

Lead is the most important auxiliary thorough drier. It is used with active driers like Cobalt and it promotes thorough drying by virtue of its polymerizing effect. Lead promotes hard thorough drying throughout the entire film, with out effecting flexibility. Along with Lead, use of a small amount of Calcium and an active drier like Cobalt will be desirable. For internal & moderate external temp, these auxiliary driers work well with common active driers. Lead may not be used in aluminum paint where it interferes with leafing and has to be avoided in fume resistant paints as well. Govt. legislation now limits the lead content in residential paints to 0.86%. Lead is available as stable solution in MTO in various concentrations.

  • Active Drier
  • Hard through drying
  • Needs Auxiliary drier like Calcium
  • Toxic
  • Prone to sulfide discoloration & De-leafing
Zirconium Driers

Zirconium is an auxiliary drier used in combination with Calcium, Cobalt and Manganese and it is an effective replacement for Lead in such systems. Gloss, color, drying time, flexibility and other surface characteristics are improved. The use levels are 0.03 to 0.2% metal. Zirconium in its concentrated form acts as an auxiliary drier for high viscosity paints & printing inks. Zirconium does not perform well under adverse drying condition of low temperature & high humidity. In combination with Calcium, Zirconium achieves adequate drying time with less sensitive finishes. Zirconium is available as stable solution in MTO in various concentrations.

  • Activating Auxiliary Drier
  • Excellent through drying capability, hence boosts performance in Lead free systems
Manganese Driers
  • Manganese activates oxidation and polymerization and provides surface and thorough drying. In combination with Lead, Manganese may partially replace Cobalt. For hard & durable finishes, Manganese is the desirable drier. It is also effective in baking finishes. The amount of Manganese used may vary from 0.05 to 0.2% in combination with Lead / Zirconium and Cobalt. Manganese is used in fireside chemicals, along with Copper Naphthenate. Manganese is available as solution in MTO in various concentrations. Active Drier
  • Moderately good surface & Through Drying
  • Causes slight discoloration
Zinc Driers

Zinc is an auxiliary drier, used in conjunction with redox metals. The Primary function of the Zinc is to keep the film "open" by retarding surface drying, thereby permitting hardening throughout and preventing surface wrinkling. Zinc is also a powerful wetting and dispersing agent and when incorporated early in the formulation, greatly reduces the time of mixing and grinding. Extremely low color of Zinc facilitates addition without discoloration of film. Zinc is available as a solution in MTO in various concentrations.

Calcium Stearate

Calcium Stearate is a fine white powder which is used in Paints for a variety of reasons. It also possesses excellent waterproofing abilities which allows for use in Exterior Coatings and Cement Paints